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Our mission is to deliver the most time, cost and truly doable treatment plan to scientifically address Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders.

By working through a strategy of determining the most needed areas for attention followed by a methodical approach to resolving underlying chemical and social issues we can make positive changes.

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35 years and keeping current by attending lectures monthly, researching, and writing on the subject.

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We save you money, by not accepting insurance. 

Maximizing your health care dollars toward evaluation and treatment, not insurance paperwork, makes the best use of your resources. With the high costs of deductibles and the need for extensive paperwork and interaction with insurance providers to get paid, it’s a costly undertaking by all offices.

Our preference is to maximize your health spend by focusing your funds on evaluation and therapeutics. We found that our rates and  treatment plans typically cost less than even the yearly deductibles. We will supply you with insurance documentation, should you request it.


Our Services

The biomedical (link to Page) approach to the treatment of ASD and developmental disorders has been and continues to be updated with scientific validation, published regularly. Most importantly it works.

The transformations for many on the spectrum is nothing less than amazing.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD is a complex disorder that requires both a well thought out evaluation, followed by a clear plan of action to maximize results.


Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has been used for decades,  primarily for those with neurological and wound care needs. There have been a number of studies showing results with ASD patients and other disabilities successfully.

Developmental and Neurological Disorders

We have extensive experience in the treatment of other developmental and neurological disorders. The disorders ranges from those with genetic predisposition to the patients suffering from environmental exposures.

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“Dr Kadish has been working with us to treat my son who has issues related to Autism.  I feel he has a real concern for my son’s health and well being. We appreciate his thoroughness and consideration of our thoughts and input during this long journey. My son is a thriving, happy and sweet kid who is getting healthier every day! We recommend Dr. Kadish and his very kind and helpful staff.”

TM in Oakland – Mar 20, 2018

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