Appointments:  Availability when you need or want assistance is essential.

We respect your time commitment to your health. This means actual on time appointments with our physician. 

For our new patients we will be happy to receive your calls or e-mails, M-F 8-5 and arrange for an appointment. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss with you our practice and forward the appropriate form/s to start the process of getting to know your medical needs and desires.

We have a number of disease focused online forms that will assist you in becoming one of our patients and receiving the quality of care you’re seeking. By reviewing your medical information, prior to your first appointment, our physicians will have a head start in the process of understanding your current and past medical issues. Our staff will interface with other medical offices to get your medical records.

Our current patients are able to make appointments online through their secure private patient portal. The automated system is easy to use and is available full time to make it easier for you to find the most convenient time for assistance and add any updates or notes to our providers. With our electronic medical system you can be notified by e-mail or  via phone for reminders of your upcoming appointments and can securely communicate with our office.

Our commitment to you is to maximize your efforts by being a supportive team member and giving you the tools necessary to optimize your health.

Call us today and let’s improve your health !