One of the most asked questions involves insurance. Most patients are unfamiliar with the back office of a practice and without going into detail, medicine has become a very secretarial/coding labor intensive affair. With over 5000 codes and growing, far in excess of what should be needed or even makes sense, the process of getting paid results in increased costs and is what drives most offices to be seeing a ton of folks, to even survive.

Getting your monies worth

Our belief, let’s reduce the cost and not hire unnecessary employees and focus on your needs, giving you the time needed to really thrive.

By not having the high overhead, of a billing staff, we can afford to keep our rates low and be efficient. The result….. you get time with Dr. Kadish and not while he looks at a computer, but rather focuses on your needs.

Who’s in charge

The insurance companies are the predominant player in determining the successes or failure of a practice. They essentially dictate how you interface and treat patients. Coupled with the government’s enforcement (read payment scheme) they are able to determine the extent of care as well as the type you will receive.

We  firmly believe that your health care should remain in your control. As an informed patient, you have the right and responsibly to determine what and how you want your health care provided.

If your request, we will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement, direct to you. Our experience with the new  insurance system has shown some success with reimbursements, especially laboratory services and HSA policies.F


We work on an hourly basis for consultations/office time and charge a set fee for many of our procedures. Please contact our office staff for details.

When you consider your many thousands of dollars of deductibles, typically it’s less expensive to pay out of pocket and receive timely excellent services.

We look forward to serving you, our patient. 541-773-3191